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April 17, 2017

Smoked food bar: KEMU PAR Relaxed drinking places for foreign tourists No.1

by Yasunari Suda


Bars that are cool with outsiders

Relaxed drinking places for foreign tourists No.1
“KEMU PAR” Tenma, Osaka

“We wanted our bar to be a place where a variety of people gather and you can have fun drinking from early afternoon!” says Tetsu and Mariko Kobayashi, a married couple, who own this smoked food bar.

“KEMU PAR” is an abbreviation of the real name, “KEMURI THE PARK”. Stylish drink lovers, old or young, male or female, who know how to behave in a bar gather at this “park for adults” from 2 in the afternoon every day to meet people and to drink and talk.

A collection of beers in a cooler. Many kinds of wine, whisky and shochu, and a smoked highball.

The smoked food menu is full of variety! More than 50 kinds including bacon, cheese, fish and spam. They even have smoked cheesecake.

and now, smoked spam.

Tetsu and Mariko Kobayashi, who “love travelling and different cultures”, and their staff are very friendly. Lots of foreign tourists who just dropped in end up coming everyday while staying in Osaka.

Smoked food bar: KEMU PAR

Address: 3-11-34 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone: 06-6949-8799
Bar hours: 14pm to 24pm

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